I ordered signs for my lawn service with black letters on yellow background. Sun shines through and distorts reading on both sides. Company offered to make new signs but was too late to put out. I ask for refund and everything changed. They refunded $96.00 out of...
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on about end of November i had ordered 2 decals for my truck I had spoken to Danielle why i had exchange few emails with and clearly asked ,I had requested a clear back round so i can stick on my windshield. Danielle has my order in a form of an email. I paid close to...
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Now they want to do the 3rd time the same i had paid for creating my decal so i can post it on my windshield well 2 orders and Vanity the manger refuses to make good for it...

Loxahatchee Groves, Florida
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I wanted to put gold house numbers on the transom above my front door. I figured adhesive vinyl lettering would be easy and effective. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of using for my custom lettering needs. In my opinion: They are not very...
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